Dec 2012
Electricity Distribution
FLEXDGRID - Advanced Fault Level Management in Birmingham
Dec 2012
Mar 2017
Western Power Distribution
WPD Future Networks Team (01332 827446)
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LCN Fund Tier 2
High Voltage Technology
FLEXGRID offers an improved Solution to the problem of the timely and cost-effective integration of customers' generation and demand within urban High Voltage (HV) electricity networks. This project seeks to explore the potential benefits arising from trials of three complimentary Methods:

  • (Alpha) Enhanced fault level assessment

  • (Beta) Real-time management of fault level

  • (Gamma) Fault level mitigation technologies

This project intends to deliver a highly transferrable system-level solution, using real-time knowledge of the fault level status of the electricity network and application of fault level mitigation technologies, to manage multiple generation and demand connections. The learning will be transferrable to all GB networks.

The FLEXGRID Solution can potentially deliver £1Bn savings across GB through the avoidance of network reinforcement and safeguarding of electricity network assets. This could facilitate 6 GW of generation connections and offset 5.05 MtCO2 / year.

This project aims to develop and trial an advanced fault level management solution to improve the utilisation of DNO's 11kV HV electricity networks whilst, facilitating the cost-effective and early integration of customers' generation and demand connections.

The FLEXGRID Solution could provide DNOs with the capability to defer or avoid costly and prolonged network reinforcement, whilst improving security of supply.