Feb 2012
Electricity Distribution
Implementation of an Active Fault Level Management Scheme
Feb 2012
Dec 2014
Western Power Distribution
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The accommodation of distributed generation within 11kV networks may be limited at present due to fault level issues. The implementation of an active fault level management scheme has the potential to defer and/or avoid costly network reinforcement, whilst increasing network security. This facilitates the installation of distributed generation close to large demand centres, which has the potential to reduce electrical distribution losses and increase the efficiency of the distribution system.

The project aims to expedite distributed generation connections through monitoring fault level conditions in real-time. This will also allow a practical understanding of how close simulated fault levels are to actual values. Real-time fault level monitoring will be used to manage the connection of a distributed generator to increase the power supplied from renewable energy resources and to manage the fault level to avoid exceeding equipment ratings.

The project will be implemented in two phases: Phase 1 will involve the integration and factory acceptance testing of the fault level monitoring devices. Phase 2 will involve the implementation of the fault level monitoring devices within a field trial network to manage the connection of a distributed generator, firstly through open-loop control and then through closed loop control.

The primary objective of the project is to expedite the connection of a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant.

The project will encompass an 11kV substation area and associated distribution network so as to monitor, actively, the fault level. This will facilitate the management of the new CHP plant connection. The active management solution is required as an interim measure whilst the two low impedance 132 / 11 kV transformers at the substation are replaced with higher impedance transformers, removing any potential fault level issues.