Mar 2014
Electricity Distribution
Voltage Control System Demonstration Project
Mar 2014
Mar 2015
Western Power Distribution
WPD Future Networks Team (01332 827446)
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LCN Fund Tier 1
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As Distributed Generators (DGs) become more common, the growing number of connections to distribution lines will cause voltage problems (specifically high or low voltage) due to the variable power output of DG, due to prevailing weather conditions. In turn this can affect the efficiency and capacity of the distribution network. There are several different solutions and devices available in the market that can help reduce voltage variation. However, some traditional solutions are unable to cope with the rapidly varying output of renewables such as wind turbines and PV.

The learning gained from this project will have a direct impact on the operation of a DNO's distribution system, and will be beneficial for informing DNOs business case for alternative responses to network rebuild. The learning will also generate knowledge in power quality control and balancing technologies that can be shared amongst DNOs and other relevant stakeholders.

The learning will be disseminated by way of published papers and case studies published in technical publications, as well as presentations in energy conferences, for the benefit of DNOs and stakeholders alike.

This project aims to address:

  • The issue of fluctuations seen in long distribution lines in a rural area with windfarms connected

  • The effectiveness of D-SVCs (Static VAr Compensator for Distribution Networks) as a system to control voltage on 11kV rural networks

  • Provide feed-back for the development of a D-VQC (Voltage and Reactive Power (Q) Control System) that will be utilised, subject to passing project break point success criteria, to Phase 2 for the networking of optimisation of multiple D-SVCs across two primary substations.