Jan 2017
Electricity Distribution
Jan 2017
Apr 2020
Western Power Distribution
R Potter, Senior Consultant, EA Technology, Richard.Potter@eatechnology.com
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Network Innovation Competition
LV & 11kV Networks
The decarbonisation of heat and transport through the wide scale customer adoption of heat pumps and electric vehicles will increase demand on LV networks. Under current business practice this would result in a large amount of conventional LV reinforcement, at significant cost and disruption to customers, to accommodate this increase in demand. New solutions are becoming available, but each delivered on separate, proprietary platforms.
The functionality delivered by the OpenLV Solution will be proven via three complementary Methods:
  • Method 1: LV Network Capacity Uplift;
  • Method 2: Community Engagement; and
  • Method 3: OpenLV Extensibility to 3rd parties.