Feb 2021
Electricity Distribution
Energy Planning Integrated with Councils
Feb 2021
Dec 2022
Western Power Distribution, Wales and West Utilities and Western Power Distribution South West
Jennifer Woodruff
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Customer and stakeholder focus
Stakeholder Engagement, Gas Distribution Networks and Electricity Transmission Networks
This project involves developing a new process to share information with councils to develop energy plans in a consistent format. The energy plans are then used to modify the planning assumptions used by the electricity and gas utilities that are captured in the distribution future energy scenarios, and the impact of changed future gas and electricity profiles is then analysed for electricity and gas networks . For electricity Low Voltage networks this will be achieved using the Network Investment Forecast Tool and for High Voltage electricity networks a new tool designed by the project to automate analysis using Sincal. Proposed investments to resolve future identified network issues are then combined with proposed investments from the Local Authority in another new tool to identify synergies and create an Integrated Investment Plan.
The project will involve collaborative work between Regen, WECA, WPD and WWU to develop energy and integrated plans with EA Technology and PSC providing the analysis and tools for LV and HV networks respectively.
The objective of the project are to;

  • Develop a standardized process that can be used with different local authorities to create a local energy plan.
  • To create energy plans for the three trial areas
  • To determine how to reflect the local energy plans in the DFES used for network planning purposes
  • To disaggregate the DFES data to support LV and HV planning
  • To develop a tool to support automated analysis of HV networks and suggest network remedies
  • To analyse the HV and LV networks associated with at least one primary substation in the trial areas and provide a view of the network and non-network solutions under different investment strategies
  • To develop a tool to allow the investment plans for electricity networks, gas networks and the local authorities to be compared to identify potential synergies
  • To use the tool to create an Integrated Investment Plan in the trial areas.
  • To refine the processes to reflect the learning gained during the project.
The benefits from the project are expected to be an improved investment plan that reduces cost and customer disruption by identifying synergies. Another benefit is improved stakeholder engagement which will ensure our future energy scenarios are well informed and reflect local plans.