Oct 2020
Electricity Distribution
Network Event and Alarm Transparency (NEAT)
Oct 2020
Oct 2022
Western Power Distribution
Jenny Woodruff
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Active Network Management, Control Systems and Voltage Control
DNOs across the world are experiencing increasing numbers of alarms in their control rooms as additional systems for Active Network Management or System Voltage Optimisation are introduced.   

There is a risk that the number of alarms becomes a distraction and that control engineers find it increasingly difficult to assess the network and prioritise their actions appropriately.  This would in turn lead to a higher risk of error, reduced effectiveness and lower morale.   

The project goal is to improve transparency of alarms and events so that by understanding the root causes, the number of alarms can be reduced.
The objective of the project are to;

  • Understand the data that can be used to provide context for the alarm and event analysis.
  • Assess the quality of this data and where possible correct quality issues.
  • Derive preliminary insights from the data to inform the selection of models.
  • Carry out advanced analytics to understand the relationships between alarms and events in different systems and the external datasets.
  • Create a prototype dashboard to allow the analysis to be run regularly and present the user with results.
  • Trial the use of the dashboard using real data over a period of time.
  • Consolidate and share the learning from the project.
  1. Simplify the process of relating alarms and events to underlying causes, reducing the time spent by control engineers and/or DSO system support staff managing these alarms, and
  2. Ensuing optimal operation of ANM and SVO schemes, reducing the degree to which connected generation is constrained and the subsequent impact on balancing costs.