Mar 2011
Electricity Distribution
Distribution Network Visibility
Mar 2011
Mar 2014
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It is widely acknowledged that greater visibility of power flows on the distribution network will be required in order to manage the more complex load profiles and greater levels of distributed generation expected in future.

The Intelligent Distribution Network Monitoring IFI project has concluded that a novel utilisation of existing systems can facilitate the transition to a low carbon energy sector and lead to more effective planning, better investment decisions, asset management and operational decisions.

Some examples of where the data is potentially of use to the DNO include:

  • Identification of localised load growth and changes in load patterns, in order to determine a wide range of options early on

  • Understanding where Distributed Generation (DG) is masking load, which can have an impact on planning, outage calculations and restoration actions after an outage

  • Understanding whether traditional assumptions about the duty of assets are accurate.
The main objective of the project will be to demonstrate the business benefits of the smart collection, utilisation and visualisation of existing data i.e. analogues available from Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The project will establish optimum levels of distribution network monitoring and frequency of sampling for specific scenarios and applications. It will also trial various optical sensors that could potentially be used to provide detailed monitoring of sites with no RTUs.