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Electricity Distribution
Thames Valley Vision
Jan 2012
Mar 2017
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
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LCN Fund Tier 2
Energy Storage and Demand Response
Thames Valley Vision (TVV) will revolutionise the way in which DNOs utilise their existing networks. This project is a complete solution that will allow us to anticipate, understand and support behaviour change in individuals, small businesses and larger companies to help us manage our networks more effectively as GB moves towards a low carbon economy. Building on the techniques developed for supermarket loyalty schemes, TVV will use data intelligently to identify and predict network stress points in the short, medium and long term in order that DNOs can make more informed decisions.

TVV proposes that a better understanding of and more active role for electricity consumers can minimise the investment required to maintain secure distribution networks that meet customer needs.

The project will evaluate solutions including:

  • A new network and planning environment

  • Industrial and Commercial and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) automated demand side response

  • Low Voltage (LV) static voltage control

  • Street level energy storage

  • A range of communications solutions

  • Additionally the project will incorporate learning from other projects from GB and worldwide.

TVV will deliver new commercial agreements, procedures, policies and will inform national standards. It will disseminate learning through targeted communication and our low carbon community advisory centre. Ultimately, TVV will enable DNOs to avoid £5bn of network reinforcement through the involvement of all customers groups and a comprehensive understanding of networks.

News Articles

"Thames Valley Vision Six Month Customer Update"
Updated 05 Jul 2013
The TVV project has sent out a six monthly project update to all participants.
"TVV Award Winning Project"
Updated 21 May 2013
Bracknell Forest Council received the iESE Improvement and Efficiency Award for “Working Together” for their involvement in the Thames Valley Vision project.
"Milestone Event – 100 Substation Monitors Installed"
Updated 20 May 2013
The Thames Valley Vision project has met another one of the major milestones of the project by successfully installing 100 Substation Monitors at substations within the Bracknell area.
"Project Partners Meet to Track Progress"
Updated 17 May 2013
The Thames Valley Vision held a full day Project Partner Review Board yesterday at the Your Energy Matters advisory centre in Bracknell.
"Thames Valley Energy Project Launched to Prepare Electricity Network for the Future"
Updated 21 Feb 2012
Southern Electric Power Distribution is today officially launching an innovative £30 million low carbon network project which will revolutionise the way electricity is distributed and used in the future.

Known as ‘New Thames Valley Vision’ (NTVV), over the next five years the project will help prepare electricity networks for supporting a range of low carbon initiatives.