Jan 2015
Electricity Distribution
Digital Substation Platform - Phase 1
Jan 2015
Mar 2015
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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LCN Fund Tier 1
Comms & IT
reviously SHEPD has worked with Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) and Locamation separately on a number of different projects. These include the development and deployment of the UK's first Active Network Management (ANM) system by SGS, which deferred the reinforcement of the Orkney Distribution Network by the use of ANM; consisting of a real time monitoring and control system to better utilise the existing network capacity. SHEPD have also worked with Locamation on an IFI project to determine if a server based protection system would provide any benefits over the traditional relay based systems.

This project is aimed principally at determining the feasibility of combining the ANM and protection systems together to simplfy the IT architecture and minimise costs by rationalising both hardware and software whilst retaining the benefits and performance of both systems.

SHEPD will establish a collaboration agreement with both parties and use a phased approach for project delivery. This will allow the project to be ended early if the anticipated benefits don't materialise.

Phases 2 and 3 will be separate follow on projects and are also expected to be registered as NIA projects.

The scope of this project is to deploy a trial system with protection and ANM functionality together on the same hardware platfom in a test environment i.e. the PNDC. Objectives:

  1. Demonstration of data integration and interfacing between the two platforms;

  2. Simulated control of a generator to allow the management of voltage on the network;

  3. Protection of primary assets using Locamation's suite of protection algorithms;

  4. Definition of a methodology for deeper integration in Phase 2