Oct 2011
Electricity Distribution
Trial of Orkney Energy Storage Park (Phase 2)
Oct 2011
Aug 2012
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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LCN Fund Tier 1
Energy Storage and Demand Response
Previous work: An RPZ has been established on Orkney using Active Network Management technology to facilitate the connection of new renewable generation on to a constrained 33kV network. A Tier 1 Project has been completed, Orkney Energy Storage Park, that created the neccesary commercial incentives to incentivise a 3rd party Energy Storage Operator (ESP) to install an Energy Storage System (ESS) on Orkney. A tender process was run that selected the most economically suitable bid for installation on Orkney.

This project is aimed principally at understanding what commercial markets are open to ESPs that are located on distribution networks.

To facilitate this investigation Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution will enter into a commercial contract with the ESP selected in the previous Tier 1 Project to allow them to locate on Orkney and alleviate network constraints. The ESS will be sent signals by the existing ANM scheme requesting absorbtion of excess renewable energy that would otherwise be constrained from the network. The contract will allow them to run their system commercially with the emphasis placed on them to increase their income by targeting other revenue streams, i.e. STOR, arbitrage etc. At the end of the project the various markets accessed by the ESP will be shared with Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution in order to generate the required learning.


  • Enter into a commercial contract with an ESP to provide constraint management services

  • Modify existing generator and energy storage ANM interface to allow import requests to be sent to the ESS

  • Facilitate the connection of an ESS to the distribution network in Kirkwall

  • Service the contract over a 3 year period

  • Summarise the different markets the ESP has managed to access during the project.