Jan 2014
Electricity Transmission
Multi-Terminal Test Environment (MTTE) for HVDC Systems
Jan 2014
Mar 2021
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
Frank Clifton, Project Development Manager
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Network Innovation Competition
Asset Management
SHE Transmission together with National Grid Electricity Transmission Limited (NGET) and Scottish Power Transmission Limited (SPT) is proposing to establish a collaborative facility which will enable the planning, development and testing of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission solutions in GB.

This facility is known as the Multi-Terminal Test Environment (MTTE); it will house: a real-time simulator system (which simulates HVDC schemes), IT infrastructure and accommodation for replica HVDC control panels.

The anticipated proliferation of HVDC systems in GB during RIIO-T1 and beyond is largely being driven by the increasing penetration of renewable generation. To date, there is limited experience in GB of the design, construction and operation of HVDC systems.

  • Support Transmission Planning of HVDC schemes

  • Improve Requirement Specification of HVDC schemes

  • Facilitate Multi-Terminal HVDC solutions

  • Facilitate Competition and Multi-Vendor HVDC schemes

  • De-risk Control interactions between co-located and electrically connected converters, and with other active controlled equipment

  • Train Transmission Planning and Operational Engineers

  • Undertake Post commissioning scenario planning and operational optimisation.