Jan 2017
Electricity Transmission
Phoenix - System Security and Synchronous Compensators
Jan 2017
Mar 2021
SP Energy Networks
Priyanka Mohapatra (Senior Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Competition
Gas Distribution Networks
Phoenix will demonstrate a sustainable design, deployment and operational control of a Synchronous Compensator (SC) with innovative hybrid co-ordinated control system combined with a static compensator (STATCOM, flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) device) referred to in the project as Hybrid Synchronous Compensator (H-SC).The use of these devices is expected to mitigate serious system issues that are being encountered on the GB Transmission network as a result of the progressive closure of synchronous generation plants. This will enable future installations and essential network services to be provided for GB SO, TOs, DNOs and OFTOs.

The project will enable an efficient and composite solution that will enhance system stability and security while maintaining power quality resulting in minimizing risks of blackouts and delivering significant benefits to GB customers.

The change in generation mix creates system issues that risk the security of supply to GB customers including;

  • Reduced inertia
  • Lower Short Circuit Level
  • Limited voltage control
  • Technical
    • Business process, technical recommendations for future procurement and installations of SCs/H-SCs
    • Hybrid Co-ordinated Control strategies improving system efficiency of SCs/H-SCs depending on regional requirements
  • Commercial & Regulatory
    • Commercial framework for financial value analysis of SCs and H-SCs
    • Regulatory recommendations for roll-out of SCs/H-SCs
    • Commercial arrangements for contracts for service providers
  • Research
    • GB roadmap for rollout of SCs and H-SCs