Jan 2012
Electricity Distribution
Flexible Networks for a Low Carbon Future
Jan 2012
Dec 2014
SP Energy Networks
SP Energy Networks Innovation
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LCN Fund Tier 2
Network Monitoring
Flexible Networks for a Low Carbon Future aims to create a faster, lower cost, DNO-led solution to increasing the capacity of the network. The proposed solution will facilitate an increasing demand on the electricity network, as customers make the transition to a low carbon economy and increase their dependence on electricity for heating, transport and other applications. The project will also enable future network trends to be identified and managed in a forward looking manner with faster delivery of appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

The solution will provide a 20% increase in network capacity through a number of innovative measures. This will create customer benefits enabling more customers to make the transition to new generation and demand technologies.

The cost will be £6.4M over three years with a £2.6M investment from Scottish Power. Financially this solution represents a saving of £8.1M against traditional network solutions. The project is ready to start with senior level buy-in and strong project partners and has well staged deliverables including early outputs.

The project involves enhanced monitoring and analysis in to precisely determine existing performance, and the deployment of novel technology for improved network operation, including flexible control and dynamic rating. To ensure representative and replicable outputs, the project involves three carefully selected trial areas across SP Distribution and SP Manweb, covering various network topology and customer demographics: St Andrews in Scotland, Wrexham in Wales and Whitchurch in England.