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Clyde Gateway
Jan 2012
Mar 2014
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LCN Fund Tier 1
High Voltage Technology
The Clyde Gateway project is a multi-million pound investment programme focussed around the regeneration of the east end of Glasgow. The project covers an area of around 2000 acres and it is estimated that around 10,000 new homes will be built in the area. The site will also play host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games including the sports arena and athletes village.

Scottish Power Energy Networks has developed a High Voltage (HV) automation system that is used throughout its distribution network.

This project proposes to integrate the work carried out under its Innovation Funding Incentive project on Low Voltage (LV) automation and LV fault finding project with the HV automation system to gain more understanding and control of its LV and HV network.

The proposals will demonstrate the integration of a number of smart grid components within an established infrastructure and will facilitate the development of solutions in a number of areas including power quality, HV/LV automation, auto-sectionalising / load-transfer etc.

The application of the latest technologies on various smart grid components on a relatively small network will:

  • Assist with the development of efficient and effective solutions

  • Provide learning outcomes not only on the smart aspects of the grid infrastructure but on design standards, network voltages and utilisation of assets

  • Inform industry and the supply chain on smart grid challenges and solutions.