Jan 2014
Gas Distribution
Opening up the Gas Market
Jan 2014
Jan 2016
Angus McIntosh, Innovation & New Technology Manager
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Network Innovation Competition
GD - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks
Great Britain (GB) is now a net importer of gas, with prices and access to supply increasingly depending on international markets. Hence, GB gas prices exhibit volatility, given the short-term and/or spot market conditions. Whilst the sources of new natural gas are numerous, gases have different compositions and GB’s specification for gas composition is very prescriptive, therefore limiting the gas market and exacerbating the problem. Current arrangements dictate that in order for gases with compositions that sit outside of GB’s specification to be conveyed and used within GB, expensive gas processing is required to bring them within these specifications. This limits the type and source of gases which can be used in GB and, in turn, ultimately leads to increased costs for the consumer.
The objective of this Project is to demonstrate that gas which meets the European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange-gas (EASEE Gas) specification but sits outside of the characteristics of gas specified within GB Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (GS(M)R) 1996 can be distributed and utilised safely and efficiently in GB. For this demonstration, we have a unique opportunity to utilise one of our discrete, isolated networks which we operate in remote parts of Scotland, called the Scottish Independent Undertakings (SIUs).