Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
LV Voltage Regulator
Apr 2013
Electricity North West Limited
Electricity North West Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
LV & 11kV Networks
The Low Voltage (LV) voltage regulator is a single-phase voltage regulator which has been adapted for mounting on a wood pole and connecting to the LV feeder to the property to provide fast response voltage compensation for both over and undervoltages. Two prototype units from US manufacturer MicroPlanet have been used in a limited trial.

This project aimed to develop an alternative method of providing a temporary solution to customer voltage issues.

This project aimed to undertake an extended field trial combined with detailed monitoring to ascertain both their short and medium term performance and the potential for full type approval. It is envisaged that this device will primarily used as a means of rapidly resolving voltage complaints in rural areas and it may be capable of both temporary and permanent solutions dependent on the type of complaint and the economics of the situation. Where there is a clear case for network reinforcement, which would require time to engineer, the voltage regulator could be used to resolve the complaint whilst a reinforcement scheme is designed, wayleaves negotiated and construction undertaken. Where the voltage complaint is due to disturbing loads or unidentified causes it could provide a permanent solution due to the fast response of the device to voltage dips and sags. Where voltage rise is caused by small scale embedded generators the regulator could be used to maintain the local network within statutory voltage limits. There may be an eventual case where LV voltage regulators are used to maintain statutory voltages, to compensate for a less static voltage on the 11kV networks due to an increased penetration of distributed generation.

The specific project objectives were to evaluate short term performance whilst ensuring devices give an appropriate output and improve network voltages to within statutory limits. Long term performance, ensuring the reliability, longevity and robustness of the devices. Various network uses, assessing the use of the units as temporary device for relieving voltage complaints vs more permanent measures.