Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
GROND Contingency Analysis
Apr 2013
Northern Powergrid
Chris Goodhand, Innovation Manager (01977 605641)
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Currently design staff do not have the resources to pro-actively monitor loading on the whole HV network and in particular to look for potential overload/undervoltage situations under single circuit outage conditions.

Without this monitoring CE can (and do) hit problems with re-supplying customers following single fault situations. This leads to extended restoration times as quite often mobile generators are the only way to re-supply some of the customers involved. In the extreme some customers have to wait for repairs to be completed before supply can be restored.

There is also an unproven concern that some circuits are running overloaded under normal conditions, unduly increasing fault rate.

In the company CE use the GROND software tool to determine the reliability of HV circuits and the effects on reliability of circuit changes. A resupply module is available for Grond which can do most of the calculations required for determining overload / undervoltage conditions under single-circuit outage situations but this only works on one manually selected circuit at a time.

CE are proposing the development of this module which will carry out this analysis automatically on every circuit on the HV system and present designers with a report which ranks circuits by the level of potential overload/undervoltage. This will highlight those circuits that need a more detailed investigation into the level of risk involved, whether they comply with the ER P2/6 security standard, and if reinforcement is required. Thus scarce (and expensive) design resources will be pointed in the direction of where they are most needed.

Development of a software tool to auto-scan the whole HV network for overload/undervoltage conditions under single-circuit outage conditions.