Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Loss of Mains Relays (LoM) for Generation Interface Protection
Apr 2013
Northern Powergrid
Chris Goodhand, Innovation Manager (01977 605641)
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Innovation Funding Incentive
LV & 11kV Networks
To build on the Loss of Mains (LoM) work carried out at Strathclyde University in 2006 to understand the behaviour of the LoM relays currently on the market under various simulated fault conditions for different generic types of generator. To produce a Technical Standard on testing procedures for LoM relays based on realistic simulation scenarios so that the performance of LoM relays can be assessed against a common standard and manufactures have a reference document to developing algorithms and relay decision making process against. To produce a risk template for risk based assessment to determine the level of interface protection required.
The project aims to realise the following objectives:

  • To better understand the performance of the LoM relays currently available so that a set of typical settings can be established for the main generic types of generators and control systems for each type of relay.

  • To enable a risk based assessments to be carried out when determining what generator interface protection to fit for a particular generator size and type.

  • To produce a Technical Standard on testing procedures for loss of mains relays so they can be assessed in a consistent manner. This standard will specify a set of faults that the relays must be stable for these will be in the form of comtrade files. The standard will also provide guidance on the parameters to be used in the relays to provide a bench mark minimum standard for relay manufactures to work to in the development of future loss of mains relays.