Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Apr 2013
UK Power Networks
UKPN Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Low Carbon Generation
Flexible Electricity Networks to Integrate the Expected Energy Evolution. To conceptualise, design and demonstrate a technical architecture and commercial framework that would enable DER based systems to become the solution for the future cost efficient, secure and sustainable EU electricity supply system.
The objective of FENIX was to boost Distributed Energy Resources (DER) by maximizing their contribution to the electric power system, through aggregation into Large Scale Virtual Power Plants (LSVPP) and decentralized management.

The project:

  • Analysed DER contribution to the electrical system.

  • Developed a layered communication and control solution that was validated for a comprehensive set of network use cases and demonstrations, one focused on domestic CHP aggregation, and the second aggregating large DER in LSVPPs (wind farms, industrial cogeneration), integrated with global network management and markets.