Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Remote Monitoring Software Development
Apr 2013
Electricity North West Limited
Electricity North West Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Network Monitoring
ENWL have invested significant IFI funding in the development of a range of devices (TP-22, Rezap and Delta V) to assist with the location of faults and the restoration of supplies to support ENWLs LV Fault restoration strategy. It is essential that ENW are able to maximise the return from these investments by developing a single integrated software tool that can accept information from a number of remote monitoring devices and deliver it to the dispatcher with instantaneous notification of all available information.

The scope of the project is to develop new Ttansient faults management software within the Control Room Management System (CRMS) (based on ENWLs iHost Platform) to ensure that transient faults are more effectively managed and dealt with more efficiently and to ensure that any new devices that are developed can be added to the system in a controlled and secure manner.

The aim of this project is to unify various hardware and software systems to ensure data received in the field regarding faults or loss of supply is delivered to the control room in a secure and reliable manner. Significant security issues exist that required development work on ENWLs communications platform to achieve the required levels of compatibility.