Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Bolney 400kV MSCDN Insulation Co-ordination Studies and Measurements
Apr 2013
National Grid Electricity System Operator
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Air-cored reactors are used extensively in Reactive Compensation equipment and HVDC converter stations. NG has only one Type Registered supplier of air-cored reactors, Trench. The majority of the reactors used by NG have been manufactured at their factory in Toronto, Canada. Various problems have been experienced with Trench reactors in a variety of applications over the last 20 years. In October 2004, one of three air-cored reactors at Bolney 225Mvar, 400kV Mechanically Switched Capacitor Bank (supplied by ABB in 1997) caught fire and was destroyed. The reactor was 7 years old. Although the reactor was shipped back to Canada for investigation, no definite cause for the failure was found. In July 2007, the second of the three reactors also caught fire. This reactor was also shipped back to Canada, along with the third reactor which so far had suffered no damage. Following further investigative work by Trench in June 2008, including repetition of various tests and dissection of these two latter mentioned reactors, some possible conclusions as to their failure mode were identified. However Trench have requested NG to investigate the routine switching transient overvoltages / overcurrents occurring in this reactor, both by detailed computer simulation and to compare such results with site measurements. It is proposed that both the required simulation and measurements are performed by the High Voltage Energy Systems Group at Cardiff University.
An investigation into the switching transient voltages / currents occurring in the damping network components of Bolney 400kV MSCDN both by simulation and on site measurement to assist in determination of recent (2004 and 2007) catastrophic component failures.