Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Remote Control of Bird Scarers
Apr 2013
National Grid Electricity System Operator
National Grid TO Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
At present, National Grid bird scarers do not have a remote control or indication capability. This project will deliver remote control and indication economically, simply and efficiently by means of SMS from any mobile phone. This functionality is urgently required for several key reasons. Providing the platform to mute the equipment opens up other exciting functionality options, and will dramatically minimise the number of times a tower has to be climbed. Running costs will be negligible, as pay as you talk SIM cards will be used, costing around 10p per call.
Functionality improvements to existing bird distress call bird scarers. Benefits include minimising habituation of birds, minimising noise nuisance to neighbours and almost eliminating expensive visits to site to adjust settings or investigate faults.