Mar 2013
Electricity Distribution
Smart Grid Design
Mar 2013
Western Power Distribution
WPD Future Networks Team (01332 827446)
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Low Carbon Generation
As part of the initial phase of this smart grid project, alternative network topology will be analysed to identify the advantages and limitations of different operational arrangements both under existing demand patterns and with a view to accommodating new low-carbon, Distributed Generation (DG) on the network. A second part to resolve issues associated with improving available network data using statistical techniques is under consideration. In particular validating estimations based on, transformer maximum demand records, demand profiles and DG intermittency.

A separate phase will consider the use of a power electronic converter unit to be installed at the load end of the LV distribution network (i.e. on the distribution side of customer’s meter). Development of a prototype converter unit is part of this project.

Identify optimal network design configurations and arrangements for new and existing networks, identify potential changes in operational strategies and any required equipment characteristics.