Mar 2013
Electricity Distribution
Investigating Balancing of LV Networks
Mar 2013
Western Power Distribution
WPD Future Networks Team (01332 827446)
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Innovation Funding Incentive
LV & 11kV Networks
Interconnected star transformers have been available for many years, but their use has been largely limited to small devices on overhead Low Voltage (LV) networks. There is limited information to quantify their effectiveness in balancing LV networks in other situations, or understanding their operational limitations, required ratings and protection. This project aims to fill these knowledge gaps and also aims to quantify claims that these devices can reduce harmonic distortion.
Determine the benefits of LV balancing by development of a model to optimize inclusion of interconnected star transformers (static balancers) in to typical rural and urban network designs.

Model to be derived from laboratory testing and verified by monitoring an actual installation. Model will also be used to understand operational and protection requirements.