Mar 2013
Electricity Distribution
Power Networks Research Academy
Mar 2013
Western Power Distribution
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Innovation Funding Incentive
High Voltage Technology
The Power Networks Research Academy (PNRA) has been established through a strategic partnership agreement between; the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), electricity transmission and distribution companies, related manufacturers and consultants, that will fund and support PhD researchers in power industry related projects and help maintain and improve the research and teaching capacity in power engineering subjects.

Projects are selected from a number of submissions, using a two tier process. This process comprised; an initial sift to determine the projects industrial relevance and an independent peer review to determine their academic excellence. Scholars were subsequently recruited for each of these projects.

The projects for the first cohort of Academy scholars are:

  • Overhead Lines Measurement System

  • System Impacts and Opportunities of HVDC Upgrades

  • Application of Artificial Immune System Algorithm to Distribution Networks.

The projects for the second cohort of Academy scholars are:

  • Early Frequency Instability Predictor based on Synchronised Wide Area Measurements (E-FIP)

  • Electrical Network Fault Level Measurement for Distributed Generation and Other Applications

  • Protection of Converter-Dense Power Systems

  • Chemical Approaches Towards Intelligent Insulation

  • Protection Issues of Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Generation (DG)

  • Reactive Power Dispatch Using DG.

The projects for the third cohort of Academy scholars are:

  • Influence of oil contamination on the electrical performance of power transformers

  • Protection of Series Compensated Transmission Lines based on Synchronised Measurement Technology

  • Alternatives to SF6 as an insulation medium for distribution equipment

  • Reducing the Risk of Sub-Synchronous Resonance in Meshed Power Networks with Increased Power Transfer Capabilities

  • Solid state devices for electrical power distribution.