Mar 2013
Electricity Distribution
SuperGen HiDef
Mar 2013
Western Power Distribution
WPD Future Networks Team (01332 827446)
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies
The HiDef programme, funded by the EPSRC, researches the essential elements of a decentralised system that could be implemented over the period 2025 & 2050 to enable all end users to participate in system operation and real time energy markets. It has been structured to support the evidence base relating to key questions of current concern within industrialists, Ofgem and DECC.
The HiDef programme has five workstreams:

  • Decentralised Energy

  • Decentralised Control

  • Decentralised Network Infrastructure

  • Decentralised Participation

  • Decentralised Policy and Macro Impact Assessment.