Feb 2013
Electricity Distribution
Supergen FlexNet
Feb 2013
Northern Powergrid
Chris Goodhand, Innovation Manager (01977 605641)
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Innovation Funding Incentive
High Voltage Technology
The FlexNet programme examines engineering and socio economic factors shaping the future form of Transmission & Distribution (T&D) networks and pursues specific technologies to adapt networks to new use patterns. Typically this involves using control techniques, such as corrective control or a new control element such as an HVDC converter station. The programme aims to showcase its insights and achievements so that these can be taken up by the commercial sector, government and regulators.
The issues being addressed by the workstreams and reported under each of the themes are as follows:

  • Intermittency: Adaption of T&D networks to accommodate a high penetration of intermittent renewables

  • System Operation: Focus on modelling and analysis for increased boundary transfer limits and of corrective post fault control

  • Multi Terminal HVDC Systems: Realisation of DC networks through research into both control methodologies and hardware

  • More Electric Futures: Addresses the demand placed on the electricity system in GB from the increased use of electricity as the vector for energy transmission and distribution

  • Visions and Scenarios: Support for the Long term Electricity Network Scenarios (LENS) project

  • Customer Participation: Engaging consumers about the necessary transition towards the 2020 objectives

  • Active Distribution: Formulation of distribution planning problem as a stochastic maths programme and active power distribution network using power electronic elements.