Feb 2013
Electricity Distribution
Earthing Information System
Feb 2013
UK Power Networks
UKPN Innovation Team
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A network wide information system that will help network planners to improve planning and costing of new and replacement earthing installations.
The Earthing Information System project will develop a Geographical Information System (GIS) to assist the installation of earthing systems for secondary distribution and pole mounted substations. The system will provide a graphical presentation of ground conditions and predict the type and quantity of earthing required for a particular earthing resistance.

Earthing rural substations can be very labour intensive, with the need to drive earthing rods vertically downwards into the ground to a depth of 12 metres, to achieve the necessary 10 ohm resistance. Rods are usually driven by pneumatic tools or by hand. Where hard ground restricts the depth of installation an array of rods may be installed at shallower depth, or an earthing system is extended some distance from the substation to achieve the required resistance. This project aims to improve the prediction of costs of earthing before on site work commences by providing a desktop indication of the earthing required.