Feb 2013
Electricity Distribution
CBRM Load Related Risk
Feb 2013
Northern Powergrid
Chris Goodhand, Innovation Manager (01977 605641)
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The project is to develop a load related risk methodology. The objective is to assess the suitability and robustness of the methodology to meet business needs and regulatory reporting requirements.

Given that NPG have already put considerable effort into developing asset health indices and load indices, they welcome the chance to build on existing work incrementally so as to extend Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM) techniques so that they also consider load. NPG see this as an important step forward in improving the quality of their asset management processes.

There is also a clear regulatory expectation to develop tier output measures and this project ensures that NPG do so in a considered way. That is, NPG research and explore the issues before committing themselves to any final product. By utilising a load related risk methodology as a decision support tool NPG anticipate improved targeting of investment across their entire investment plan.

The project will seek to develop a load related risk methodology and also implement this methodology in a trial application which uses data and information from a sample of the NPG network. A prototype will be implemented to demonstrate potential practical applications.