Feb 2013
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Feb 2013
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Ofgem have introduced an outputs framework including an annual reporting requirement and legacy modelling arrangements are complex, lengthy and require significant manual manipulation. This has been adequate for occasional use to formulate a price review submission but is not sufficient to complete the required regulatory reports to an appropriate level of quality in the timeframes stipulated in the Regulatory Instructions and Guidance
Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM) is a methodology that uses all available knowledge, experience and information relating to physical assets in order to define the present condition of the asset and then estimate future performance on the basis of ongoing degradation. The results can then be used to quantify the risks relating to the assets and evaluate the effect (in terms of risk) of different management options.

The CBRM approach has been used by Electricity North West Limited to develop submissions to Ofgem for the last two price control reviews (DPCR4 and 5) and it has been well received by the Regulator. Whilst CBRM in its current form is more than adequate for price review submissions much more use of the data could be made if an effective method exists of producing outputs, the current system can take several days to deliver a result. This project is aimed at delivering the platform to produce more detailed and timely reports