Feb 2014
Electricity Transmission
Power System Oscillation Damping with HVDC (POD) - Feasibility Study
Feb 2014
National Grid Electricity System Operator
National Grid TO Innovation Team
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Asset Management
National Grid is being challenged by offshore wind farm developers on whether power oscillation damping is required and the control philosophy that National Grid has specified in Bilateral Agreements. The knowledge provided by this research will allow National Grid to justify the control philosophy included in the Bilateral Agreements as the most effective.

It is important to mention the existing HVDC interconnector does not provide POD.

It is proposed that Imperial College will undertake work to establish this understanding and to propose alternative control strategies that might be practical to apply to a real power system.

This feasibility project will deliver important knowledge and understanding on the effectiveness of damping with HVDC using different control strategies. This is the key to underpinning immediate post contract negotiation with offshore wind farm developers for the Celtic Array and Hornsea wind farm.

The objectives of this consultancy project are to:

  • assess how power oscillation damping (POD) will help to damp the low frequency oscillation (LFO) in the network

  • Investigate effectiveness of control strategies for better stability of the GB transmission network.