Sep 2013
Electricity Transmission
A Tool for Evaluating Overhead Line Performance Under Novel Technology Implementations
Sep 2013
National Grid Electricity System Operator
National Grid TO Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
High Voltage Technology
Re-use of existing overhead lines using novel conductors to increase their thermal capacity was the subject of research by utilities for many years. Traditionally, lines were uprated by using higher ampacity standard size conductors without addressing the full potential of the existing supports which necessitates the use of bespoke conductor properties.

The proposed tool will build on the work carried out by the University of Manchester in an EPSRC Supergen project. It will enable utilities to explore the use of existing and new conductor systems suitable for the type of support under consideration at very early stages of the project.

Development of a computational tool to be used for the evaluation of electrical and mechanical performance of novel conductor systems on existing overhead line (OHL) networks by exploiting the full capacity of the support system.