Aug 2013
Electricity Distribution
Home Based Flexible Demand Management (HBFDM)
Aug 2013
UK Power Networks
UKPN Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Energy Storage and Demand Response
The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) project is exploring how residential customers might be engaged in providing responsive demand and control the output of distributed generation on behalf of DNOs. The aim is to develop the scope for a technical solution, consumer proposition and business model which will allow for responsive demand to be utilised before the completion of the UK wide smart metering rollout, and without the involvement of investment from the electricity supplier.

The solution utilises PassivSystems’ open architecture energy management platform to create a scalable load management system, which will coordinate the grid and customer equipment to reduce peak loads. Interruptible demand will be managed remotely utilising broadband or GSM connectivity, without detrimentally impacting the occupant comfort.

PassivSystems control system will understand consumer requirements by monitoring real time environmental variables in the home to build a profile of occupant behaviour, and will utilise local weather data to identify load that may be shed in response to a future DNO requirement.

This project is complementary to the work taking place as part of Low Carbon London, where smart meters are being utilised to modify demand profiles of residential customers.

The project will investigate the potential for a DNO to leverage Residential Sector Demand Response Services, to address network constraints and/or reduce the impact of network events such as faults.