Aug 2013
Electricity Distribution
Energy Innovation Centre
Aug 2013
UK Power Networks
UKPN Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies
UK Power Networks has joined the Energy Innovation Centre and has started the following collaborative projects:

Cable paper moisture meter - The project proposes to develop a paper moisture analyser, an instrument that will be used by cable jointers to test the moisture level in paper insulated cables.

The problem was first identified under STP3 which sponsored some practical work by EATL to investigate a number of different ways of paper moisture measurement. The work showed that both infrared and capacitive methods of measurement had some merit but the results were not conclusive as the testing was conducted with off the shelf hardware that was not physically suited or calibrated to this particular application. EATL has subsequently conducted further test work exploring the use of multi-frequency measurement as a technique as opposed to the single frequency work previously carried out. Results from this test work were positive.

The instrument will allow this operation to be performed more safely than the currently used oil or paraffin solutions. The instrument will produce quantifiable results with a higher level of confidence and will require a shorter time to perform each measurement.

Oilcable Care -The project seeks to identify, develop and assess self-repairing systems for oil and fluid filled cable sheaths such that damages will self-heal. This will avoid oil leakage, the resulting environmental clean-up, as well as prevent contamination of the cable that could compromise its performance and lead to premature failure.

Several additional opportunities are currently being considered.

Cable paper moisture meter:

  • Safety of staff

  • Cable jointing

  • Underground cable faults.

Oilcable Care:

  • Fluid Filled cable leaks

  • Environmental impact.