Aug 2013
Electricity Distribution
Low Voltage Network Modelling
Aug 2013
Electricity North West Limited
Electricity North West Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
LV & 11kV Networks
Electricity North West Ltd’s low voltage network is vast comprising some 120,000 feeders supplied from 33,000 transformers and the scale of the asset base precludes the economic use of SCADA monitoring as used at HV, one of the key elements of our innovation strategy is to develop better modelling tools where required. Current design and modelling tools for LV networks are very limited and early comparisons with recorded data from the range of monitoring points being installed show they are producing inaccurate results and this has further highlighted a perceived need for better LV simulation capabilities. The proposal is to engage CGI (formerly Logica) to develop an LV modelling tool based on their DPlan software platform that can be used to simulate the effects of various loading scenarios on LV networks.
Further development of network modelling tools.