Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Smart Meter Enablement
Apr 2013
SP Energy Networks
SP Energy Networks Innovation
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The overall goal of the project is to determine the basic infrastructure and processes required to innovatively store and use Smart Meter data within SPEN management systems and to ensure SPEN is capable of meeting its regulatory requirements for connecting to smart meter infrastructure. In order to fully evaluate this new area of operation this project must retain a fairly open remit and an initially estimated cost base. However, to ensure the project remains focused the first stage of investigation will be outage management (PowerOn).

The project will achieve this by creating a smart meter simulation environment where outage handling scenarios can be analysed and additional system functionality identified and built. This will also allow the benefit of smart meter data analysis to be compared with substation/core network monitoring alternatives. Stages 2 & 3 of the project will facilitate leverage from other DNO on this simulator and facilitating connection to live msart meter infrastructure respectively. Kyria have already been engaged to carry out a scoping study to further refine costs and requirements for this project. In addition this project may feed into a LCNF tier 2 project being developed this year.

The project has defined the following objectives:

  • Create a long term Smart Meter, data implementation test bed (including systems newly developed as part of the project)

  • Maintain a near operational test bed that allows operational staff to help estimate the benefit of SM data in day to day processes

  • Create an accreditation environment that allows SPEN to accede to the new Smart Energy Code by meeting security and technical requirements of the DCC

  • Develop operational processes and systems ready to transfer to Business As Usual.