Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Impact of Residential Heating and Building Standards on Demand Profiles
Apr 2013
SP Energy Networks
SP Energy Networks Innovation
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Energy Storage and Demand Response
The project will:

  • Monitor demands at substation feeder cables for multi-occupancy properties and the Ravenscraig site

  • Monitor the 10 individual low carbon homes at the Ravenscraig site *

  • Make comparisons on the impact to the network from heating provision and building standards

  • Develop typical load profiles and ADMD values for properties being assessed

  • Forecasting and projecting future demands in UK from low carbon homes and multi-occupancy properties

  • Model typical load profiles for different residential property combinations; take up rates, device type and building standards.

*All low carbon plots are for research purposes only and SPD has an agreement with BRE to monitor and access them.

Establish the impact of changing residential building standards and heating types including low carbon, on demand profiles and ADMD design values. The project will focus on residential low carbon homes located at the BRE Innovation Park in Ravenscraig and multi-occupancy residences located in the central belt of Scotland.