Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Transformer Research Consortium (Phase 3)
Apr 2013
SP Energy Networks
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The University of Manchester has undertaken research into alternative oils as potential replacement for traditional mineral ones for power transformer application. A subsequent Phase 3 to this research work is proposed that will extend into transformer insulation systems, not excluding alternative liquids, but focus more on the common problems faced by electrical power utilities such as ageing, Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and Partial Discharge (PD), inhibited and non inhibited mineral oils and thermal performance assessment of power transformers.
The project aims to consider:

  • Ageing, rate of ageing and end of life predictions

  • On-line DGA devices evaluating the performance of devices under fault conditions

  • DGA versus PD Understanding the relationship between DGA and PD

  • PDs of aged insulation systems, quantify the impact on PD activity of ageing by-products

  • Thermal performance assessment.