Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
GnoSys Self Healing Cables
Apr 2013
SP Energy Networks
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Innovation Funding Incentive
High Voltage Technology
There is a recognised need in the UK electricity distribution network for extruded polymeric cables to be capable of self repair if the protective outer sheath is damaged during installation and operation. In-situ cable self repair would be valuable as the damage is likely to be localised and not obvious from inspection of the cable because it is usually impractical and/uneconomic to inspect an underground asset.

It is proposed that an initial study be undertaken to review, rank and laboratory-trial a number of new candidate materials technologies in model construction geometries capable of supporting power cable self repair in situ for Medium Voltage (MV) cable designs which experience compromise of the cable sheath or jacket structural integrity.

This would be followed by laboratory trials on one or more candidate repair technologies. If successful, commercial development of an improved performance MV cable system could follow in collaboration with one or more cable companies to produce MV cables that would be suitable for installation in the UK power network. This would be undertaken as a cable development project using the intellectual property gained in the proposed project.

The objective of the technology assessment is to identify suitable material technologies that can be used to provide effective self repair for MV cable sheaths in both land based and undersea operational environments.