Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
FM Sudafix Conductive Concrete
Apr 2013
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Traditional earthing methods are susceptible to theft, and earthing can be difficult in rocky areas in certain soil conditions. To overcome this challenge FM Sudafix designs and supplies industry leading earthing systems utilizing Conducrete which is independently proven to be a significantly more effective solution than competitor technologies. The Conducrete product has been successfully applied in a number of industry sectors (e.g. telecoms, rail, trams), but not as yet with DNOs.

Conducrete does not corrode metallic elements like other compounds / backfills, nor does it pollute aquifers. Conducrete achieves environmental and increased lifespan performance whilst outperforming the safety capability of other products.

Use of Conducrete is particularly relevant for transformer installations at higher voltages where the use of extensive sophisticated trench layouts are needed in order to achieve the earthing requirements across the site. Conducrete would reduce the amount of trenching required to meet the same earth step potentials under fault conditions.

FM Sudafix Group is partnered in enterprise with the Canadian engineering company SAE Inc. Together the companies develop solutions to improve electrical earthing systems, improving earthing, reducing the need for copper and reducing risks of copper theft. The primary product is a highly effective conductive concrete aggregate compound called Conducrete which has a resistivity of approximately ΒΌ that of any other product of this type, giving performance advantages over existing conductive concretes such as Marconite.