Apr 2013
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Energy and Carbon Master Planning (ECMP)
Apr 2013
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The Dynamic Energy & Carbon Master Planning (ECMP) project is a proposal to develop a specialised GIS based spatial energy / load forecasting modelling toolkit within the ESRI GIS asset database already installed in SPEN. This specialized planning tool will build on current ESRI development work on existing building spatial energy density modelling and Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technology opportunity which was completed in conjunction with local authorities in England (Nottingham).
This project will use these existing learnings and enhance them by the development of a model of new-development energy density (heat and electric) using standard industry (including BRE for housing) datasets. The unique outcome that this proof of concept is hoping to delivery is a GIS based spatial energy planning tool that will provide an adaptive Energy Density, Peak load, CO2 and LZC picture for existing and major new development areas overlaid upon our existing GIS infrastructure database. This will then be utilised by the Community Strategy & Market Development (CSMD) within any ongoing stakeholder dialogue of energy infrastructure requirements.

With the use of dashboard inputs this technique could then be easily adapted for a wide variety of future development scenario planning and the functionality could be used by either an external stakeholder or DNO to understand the LZC and energy infrastructure requirements and energy delivery concepts (electrification of heat and transport, centralised district heating systems etc). Though the initial project will deal mainly with heat and electrical energy density modelling it is hoped that future development will lead to better modelling of energy profile & peak loading.