Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Oils Technology
Apr 2013
National Grid Electricity System Operator
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High Voltage Technology
There have been a number of incidents worldwide where transformers and reactors have failed in service due to corrosive sulphur. This is an emerging problem which is not fully understood and may have implications across National Grid's population of oil filled equipment.

To develop knowledge of the chemical fingerprint of electrical ageing and degradation processes as they apply to small oil volume insulation systems. To use this knowledge to develop novel diagnostic techniques for analysis of oil using millilitre samples, to enable sampling and condition monitoring on a regular basis, such that potential problems can be identified in good time.

To simulate, in the laboratory, the degradation processes seen in silicone oil insulated cable sealing ends and to develop a sufficient understanding of these processes to facilitate the analysis of samples taken from the field in order to provide a measure of asset health.

This combination of projects addresses the oil technology issues related to sulphur on oil, analysis of small oil volume equipment and the analysis of silicon oil degradation.

The objective of the sulphur in oil investigation is to trial on a selection of transformers/reactors the possibility of removing corrosive sulphur through oil reclamation and the addition of inhibitor in the oil. This project will involve a number of external companies (ABB in Sweden, Doble Power Test and Sea Marconi) in order to carry out the testing of the oil during the various stages of reclamation. The reclamation of the oil will be done internally by National Grid's Oil Management Unit (OMU). It is intended to select a number of transformers and reactors to carry out the trial on.