Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Network Design New Generation
Apr 2013
National Grid Electricity System Operator
National Grid TO Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Asset Management
This programme of work consists of the following projects:

  • Impact of Offshore Networks on the Insulation Coordination and Operation of the National Grid Transmission System

  • Generic Compliance Development for Renewable Generation

  • Improve reliability of future system by enabling integration of new generation

  • Wind Power Management System

  • 2020 Renewable Black Start Asset Research.

This programme of work is concentrated on minimising and mitigating any negative impacts of connecting new types of power generation (including large scale offshore wind and supercritical coal) to the transmission system.

There are several areas under consideration. The first of these seeks to identify and assess the impact of large offshore transmission system connections on the levels of electromagnetic transients likely at the points of connection to the onshore network.

There are several projects in the programme that are concerned with ensuring that future generation (renewable, thermal and nuclear) will comply with the technical requirements required of them under UK licence conditions.

There is also a project in the programme that addresses the fact in the future Black Start capability will need to be supplied by a diverse mix of generation which will include renewable sources that until now are unable to provide this service.

This programme seeks to ensure that future generation technologies are compatible with, and do not have an adverse affect on, current and future transmission assets.