Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Design and Development of Maintenance Delivery Tools (MDT)
Apr 2013
National Grid Electricity System Operator
National Grid TO Innovation Team
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Innovation Funding Incentive
This programme of work includes the following projects:

  • Severn Cable Tunnel Access/Egress Trolley

  • Earthwire Platform

  • Reduction of Stress/Strain to OHL Staff due to Multiple Operations

  • Earthwire Lifting Beam

  • Development of Yoke Plates A, V, O and L.

  • Power Ladder Access Basket

All projects aim to deliver improvements in both current maintenance techniques used to complete routine maintenance activities and the Health and Safety of the personnel completing the activities via:

  • A powered access/egress trolley for transporting tools/equipment along the access route for the Severn Cable Tunnel. The requirement for rescue will also be accommodated by the inclusion of a stretcher system onto the equipment.

  • A lightweight platform which will give access for one linesperson to the earthwire span. The platform must be quick and easy to install on all tower types and will extend approximately 2.5m out from the tower into the span.

  • Trolley Jump Kit (CARLA) – develop a lightweight arrangement that will aid the jumping through suspension insulator sets and quad conductor spacers.

  • A lightweight lifting beam for installation on suspension tower peaks for the replacement of earthwire fittings.

  • A set of lightweight maintenance yokes for replacement of tension insulators on the Overhead Line assets.

  • A lightweight powered ladder access system for access/egress to and working on suspension insulator strings. The system will utilise the current standard overhead line ladders and will also incorporate a battery powered rope climbing device. The system will enable the overhead lines persons to obtain the best working position whilst completing routine maintenance activities. The system will give the lines persons a working platform which can be powered up and down the ladder.