Mar 2021
Electricity Distribution
Mar 2021
Mar 2023
Northern Powergrid
pro tem Chris Goodhand
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Asset Management, Fault Management, LV & 11kV Networks, Network Monitoring, Overhead Lines and Transformers
Building on the Foresight project, Polesight seeks to extend the technological and operational approach of anticipatory fault detection and management to the edge-case of overhead lines and pole mounted transformers for LV.
Primary project objectives of the project are:

* Detection and location of developing faults from pole mounted equipment, enabling remedial works to be carried out as part of a planned program of work before faults develop into loss of supply events.
* Demonstration of the use of a network of low-cost sensing devices installed on pole mounted substations and associated communications.
* Development of a strategy and protocol for detection and location of incipient faults on the LV pole mounted substations.
Knowledge relating to the evolution of pole mounted substation and circuit defects into supply interrupting faults using a method which minimises the impact on customers.
* Development and testing of novel techniques to potentially deliver a significant decrease in  DNO CMLs and CIs originating from pole mounted substation circuit faults.
* Demonstration that low-cost sensing devices help to identify issues early in order to support network performance improvements.
* Deliver and report conclusions, technical, operational  and economic, that relate to the implementation and management of pole mounted substations that are applicable to all GB LV networks
* Develop a functional specification for a Pole Mounted Substation monitor with the added functionality of pre-fault detection.
Releataively small scale finacial benefits, probably in late ED2 or , more likely, ED3. Improved protection and harm reduction for vulnerable customers from unplanned power cuts.