Jul 2019
Electricity Transmission
400kV Dynamic Cable Rating Retrofit Project utilising RPMA Communications Technology
Jul 2019
Jul 2021
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
David Ruthven
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Asset Management, Network Monitoring, System Security and Electricity Transmission Networks
As the penetration of low carbon technologies increase in the UK greater circuit loading will be experienced on the transmission network. Under certain loading scenarios the power flow on transmission circuits may need to be constrained, which can result in multi-million pound constraint payments. Rather than undertaking costly network reinforcement schemes with long lead times and environmental impacts one option is to operate the network using dynamic ratings.
Installing a fibre optic temperature sensing circuit at the same time as laying a power cable is relatively cost effective; however if you have to excavate an existing circuit then the costs escalate. The problem to be addressed, therefore, is finding a cost effective retrofit DCR solution with supporting communications technology that can be deployed easily.
The project will investigate the feasiblility of using the RPMA wireless technology coupled with point sensors and integrated with a DCR scheme to provide a cost effective retrofit dynamic rating solution to evaluate real-time thermal behaviour of strategic cable circuits.
The key business benefit is the potential to determine additional headroom capacity on a cable ciruit which could eliminate or defer network reinforcement, and the various costs and risks during the associated outages, extending the life time of network assets. This could also led to a reduction in constraint payments.