Oct 2019
Gas Distribution
Debris In Pipe
Oct 2019
Mar 2021
Wales and West Utilities, Cadent, Northern Gas Networks and SGN
Matthew Phillips - WWU. Wayne Smith - NGN. Stuart Sherlock - SGN. Mark Pritchard - Cadent
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance, GD - Repair and GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
  1. Obtain an overview of the challenges of Debris in pipes from a range of stakeholders within each of the GDNs.
  2. Provide the GDNs with a draft methodology for the quantification of each of the challenges (such as Debris, Objects, Joints, Sealant, Friction, Pipe Insertion, Pipe Bends)
  3. Create overview concept families which could be used in order to provide a solution to the challenge