Oct 2017
Gas Distribution
Gas Demand Forecasting
Oct 2017
Dec 2017
Wales and West Utilities
Bethan Winter - Bethan.Winter@wwutilities.co.uk
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
  • Location: All of WWU can be considered, one of the review areas is to consider whether sub-LDZ forecasting would provide additional value vs the additional effort / cost

  • A range of new customer types / behaviours to be considered including, power generation, CHP, industrial Review of existing UK future of gas scenarios and storage solutions

  • Assessment of existing as well as new/alternative WWU forecasting models

  • Report on implications of findings, presentation and recommendation for future developments

This project proposes to:

  1. Produce recommendations of loads by type, which have been deemed as having a material impact on future network design and operation
  2. Provide recommendations and a prioritisation matrix to inform the next stages of work in order that gaps for the highest impact site types are considered first
  3. Consider whether the existing forecasting models at WWU should be combined and / or developed further or whether it is appropriate that they should be kept separate
Produce an evidence based assessment of WWU forecasting capability and recommendations for any material improvements that are required to feed stages 2 and 3.