Jan 2017
Gas Distribution
Portable gas Reading Equipment (PRE)
Jan 2017
Jan 2018
Wales and West Utilities
Travis Wheatle – Graduate Engineer
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
This project will fully demonstrate the technologies capabilities and will be thoroughly tested through onsite trials, specifically but not limited to the following:
  • Leakage surveys on >7bar pipelines. We will undertake a survey on a targeted short length location, on different depths of cover to check if gas escapes can be identified if the pipe is not exposed and follow up with a further safety check;
  • On our offtakes before the gas gets odorized when it would be harder to detect possible leaks;
  • Multi Occupancy Buildings where it is difficult or costly to inspect a pipe that runs up the side of a building we can assess them from the ground to check the distances a leak can be detected (laser and camera only);
  • Undertaking surveys of gas storage facilities (bullets, laser and camera only)
  • For the location of gas leaks on made and unmade ground
  • On above ground crossings for example above a river or railway line (laser and camera only);
  • For use on ‘driving surveys’ or flight surveys(laser and camera only); and
  • Recommend any necessary modifications

The testing criteria will compare the results against the technology used in the handheld probe - a ‘Gasco seeker’.

To undertake a series of demonstration trials of the technlogy, using the three products, to clearly understand whether the technology will assist in helping us to locate gas escapes.

To identify if the products trialed will offer enhancements to locate gas escapes in a variety of applications