Oct 2016
Gas Distribution
>7 bar Permanent Leak Repair Clamps
Oct 2016
Nov 2018
Wales and West Utilities and Cadent
Darren Cushen (Asset Officer)
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Gas Distribution Networks

The project is broken into 4 main phases which will each be completed in turn. The project will provide a report detailing the outcomes of the literature review & a review of industry best practice, produce a gap analysis, deliver a working risk assessment model and produce a leak repair methodology in a format to be agreed.

The first phase will look at the use of leakage repair methods used in the gas industry on a global scale focusing on 2 separate pressure ranges 7-16 bar and 16-80 bar.

The second phase will evaluate the clamps used by WWU against the findings of phase 1. A gap analysis will be carried out to ascertain current practices versus industry best practices defined in phase 1.

The third phase uses the two previous phases to carry out a cost based analysis and produce a risk assessment/process that WWU can utilise in determining the suitability of setting an operating life of a leak repair clamp. The failure modes of the clamps will be looked at and classified as catastrophic or minor with further assessment of the catastrophic failures being conducted. The costs of the repairs to the clamps will be determined and a pre and post failure risk assessment of the consequences will be carried out. A database of the failure mode and repair type is to be built to use as a reference when failures occur. This will help WWU to assess the potential to reduce costs of repairs, thus reducing/eliminating the risk associated with hot works

The fourth phase will look at the development of repair manuals, which detail steps WWU can utilise in the event of a failure on a fitted leak repair clamp.

The project will be managed through a stage gate approach.

This project will provide the understanding needed to enhance the procedure for the repair of leaks on the above 7 bar pipeline network to deliver a lower cost and lower risk solution.

The project will collect a body of evidence to support:
  1. A fuller understanding of the failure modes and consequences of temporary leak clamps.
  2. A risk assessment/process to extend the operating life of temporary leak clamps.